Six Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Warm in the Snow.

Six Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Warm in the Snow.

To a kid, a winter wonderland is paradise. A snowy landscape means toboggan tracks, igloos, snowmen, snowball fights and, of course, skiing and snowboarding. The best way to make sure your kids have fun during your Japan ski holiday is to make sure they’re dry and comfortable. So here are our top tips for keeping kids warm in the snow!

1. Start with a Baselayer.

By dressing your child in high quality wool or wool blend thermals you’re taking the first step in making sure they’re dressed correctly for the conditions. Thermals will help regulate their core body temperature, keeping them cosy no matter what. If your child is sensitive to fabrics, choose either a high quality merino baselayer or a merino blend, this will guarantee they won’t feel the itch!

2. Layer up With a Midlayer

The layer between their thermals and jacket should also be a high quality or technical fabric that will act as an insulator. This could be wool or a synthetic equivalent or you could consider a puffy style vest. Layers are fantastic for flexibility because you can always shed the midlayer if your child is getting too warm.

3. Finish off with a Waterproof Outerlayer

Your kids’ jacket and pants or onepiece is their first line of defence against the elements, so it’s important to choose one that’s as waterproof as possible. If your child is particularly prone to feeling the chill, choose a onepeice because they let their warm body heat circulate easily. A separate jacket and pants is also good because you can take their jacket off for lunch. Either way it’s a good idea to buy something that high quality or if you want to make some savings, rent from Rhythm when in Japan.

4. Head, Face and Neckwear

Kids need to be covered from head to toe. If they’re sliding on the slopes, a helmet is good idea for keeping their noggins safe and super warm. You can also get neat little skull caps that will fit perfectly underneath for some extra insulation. Fleece facemasks and neckwarmers are also a great idea. Make sure you purchase from the kids’ range so the fit is nice and snug.

5. Feet and Toes

When renting ski or snowboard boots for your child, it’s a good idea to take some ski socks with you (or purchase some while you’re there) because this will guarantee you get a perfect fit. Kids’ socks need to be made of a natural, insulating fabric like wool (not cotton). Don’t be afraid to try a thinner sock as this will allow air to circulate in the boot.

6. Gloves or Mittens

Mittens are perfect for the little ones because they house all their fingers in the same super warm space. Choose a pair that are easy to put on and take off because you will be doing this a lot! Most toddler mittens are made with a water-resistant coating, which is fine at this age, however when they are older it’s a good idea to invest in a pair made using GORE-TEX®.

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