niseko region terrain guide

The Niseko region features a wide range of exciting terrain to explore. Whether you are looking for groomed turns, the best sidecountry powder pockets, or full backcountry immersion away from the crowds, our Niseko Region Terrain Guide is your complete resource for finding the right experience to suit you.


Basic information about the local resorts such as elevation, number of runs, and terrain map.

Gate System Guide

Understand the back/side country terrain which is accessed from in-resort lifts.

Backcountry Guide

Find out where our Backcountry Guides can take you to find the deepest powder in the area.

Resort terrain guide

The Resort Terrain Guide is for anyone looking for an in-resort experience. Find out which resort in the Niseko area is right for you!


Niseko United Resort has quickly gained a reputation worldwide for its endless powder and picturesque mountain ranges overlooking Mt Yotei. What many people don’t know is that Niseko is actually made up of four interlinked resorts which all sit around the base of the Niseko Annupuri mountain. The terrain on offer at each of the four resorts offers and endless opportunities for runs & exploration for every level of rider.

  • Average snowfall: 14m
  • Top lifted elevation: 1,188m
  • Peak elevation: 1,308m
  • Adult lift pass from ¥8,100
  • Great for all ability levels
  • 32 ski runs | 50km of runs

gate SYSTEM guide

The beautiful backcountry of Niseko is accessible through a unique gate system with her “Niseko Rules”. The gates offer an almost unlimited amount of backcountry options, increasing the terrain on the mountain by over 50%. All of this terrain is accessible by lift with minimal hiking. The backcountry in Niseko is unpatrolled avalanche terrain, therefore, we strongly recommend that you hire a guide for your own safety.
Rhythm Rides’ experienced Guides operate daily in the Niseko area and can take you to the best lines in the backcountry.


Kozan no sawa

Also called “Backbowl”, Kozan no Sawa is arguably the steepest terrain from the peak of Niseko. You will be able to access this amazing bowl with a 20 minute hike from Gate 3. The runout offers very playful terrain with a big natural half pipe that brings you all the way back to the Annupuri side of the ski resort.

Kita Shamen

If you really want to venture far out Kita Shamen will be your gig! It is a 20 minute hike to the drop in zone from the peak of Niseko. This north face is a beautiful big powder field with the coldest snow on the mountain. The traverse back to the resort requires a lot of energy but is well worth it!


If you are looking for the deepest powder from the peak, "Jackson’s" located on the east side of the mountain is your go! Hike for 20 minutes to the peak from gate 3 and drop east towards Hanazono. After your blower turns, you end up on the summer route where you will need to hike back to Hanazono.

Osawa Bowl

Osawa bowl provides a lot of good powder runs for very little effort. Traversing out of gate 1, 2 or 8, you will be able to find beautiful spacious tree-runs, natural pipes and fun little drops. The runout will bring you straight back to the Annupuri side of the ski resort.

Mizuno No Sawa

This beautiful powder bowl is to be found at gate 11 in Niseko Village. It’s famous for the long and deep powder runs in spacious trees and the effortless run-out back to the gondola of Niseko village. You will be able to lap this zone all day without having to hike for your turns!

Black Diamond
Double BD
Triple BD
Easy Access
Deep Powder
Tree Runs
Peak Access
Steap Terrain
Remote Terrain



It’s the world famous, very dominant, glorious stratovolcano in the backyard of Niseko. This dormant volcano is also referred to as Ezo-Fuji (The fuji of Hokkaido). The endless bowls in all aspects of the mountain, beautiful treelines and spectacular views make this perfect volcano a very popular touring destination. On a perfect blue bird day, you might be lucky to even drop the crater of Yotei. A one of a kind experience!

Kiroro Backcountry

If you think Niseko is a powder heaven, we will reveal to you a little surprise. Kiroro receives even more snow! When the sun finally shows itself in Kiroro, a lot of beautiful peaks will appear in the backcountry of Kiroro including Mini Alaska & the highest peak called; Yoichi dake.


Shiribetsu is famous for her deep and spacious gullies on many aspects of the mountain. Reaching the main ridge line will amaze you with stunning views of Yotei and the local area. Shiribetsu is prone to avalanche under certain conditions, so be smart and take a guide in consideration.


Our team know how to get the most out of the entire mountain experience. We've been based in Japan accumulating a wealth of local experience for years.

Iwaonupuri & Goshiki onsen

In the shadow of her taller sister Annupuri dake lies Iwaonupuri and the shorter faces of Goshiki. This area has a lot of different terrain on offer and doesn’t need much approach to get to it. A perfect day out when the sun is showing herself.

Chisenupuri & Shakunage dake

Two classic strato volcano shaped mountains filled with dry hokkaido powder. To summit, you will need to cover some ground on the ascent. This will be well rewarded on a good weather day. It’s a popular touring area, especially towards springtime.



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Our team know how to get the most out of the entire mountain experience. We've been based in Japan accumulating a wealth of local experience for years.

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Your Ability

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Snow Safety

Snow Safety

The Niseko Rules are created for the safety and freedom of every skier and snowboarder riding inside or outside the ski resort boundaries.