Season was born from the idea that buying and owning hardgoods should be easy. It’s a brand where snowboarding and skiing are equals, the equipment never expires, and service is included to extend the life of a snowboard or pair of skis.

Every Autumn it’s the same, new skis (and snowboards) come out. Sometimes things change, but often little is different except for the color. By the middle of the season they find their way on to the discount rack, as shops make way for next year’s version, which will be largely the same. As customers are encouraged to replace their gear in exchange for a newer version, legendary products are pushed aside and so the cycle continues. Don’t get us wrong, innovation is important and has made skiing and snowboarding infinite times better over the years. But does every ski and snowboard in a line need to be changed each season? 



Season choose to simplify the hardgood ownership cycle by creating products with a timeless appeal, utilizing graphics and designs that only change when they need to be changed. The line is strong yet digestible, allowing customers to better understand the range and making the purchase decision that much easier. “We’ve come together to offer something unique. A common vision that questions annual consumer culture, supports product longevity and creates unity in the mountains, we celebrate a less is more approach while creating sustainable solutions for snowsports.” 




Season aims to highlight the common ground of skiers and snowboarders, amateurs and professionals, young and old, powder days and rain days. We’re a community that celebrates winter and the discomfort that comes with it. Cold, dark, and wet conditions bring us purpose, joy, and happiness. This season consumes us, dictates where we live, what jobs we have, and who our friends are. By putting equal emphasis into the skis and the snowboards which they create, Austin and Eric are creating a truly authentic ski and snowboard brand that finds the common slope amongst snow riders around the world.



To promote longevity and to keep products performing for longer, Season have created a unique service partnership with Rhythm Japan. This offering gives Season Eqpt owners unlimited complimentary waxes, along with a complementary tune each Autumn, for the life of the product. Supporting snowboarders and skiers by helping keep their equipment on the hill longer is something Pollard is especially excited about. “The most meaningful contribution we could make to the hardgoods market is to increase product lifespan, and the best way to accomplish that is to take care of our customer’s equipment.”





We are stoked to stock SEASON EQPT. Products are available to purchase or demo at our Niseko and Hakuba locations as well as online at

All SEASON EQPT hardgoods sold at Rhythm Japan stores will include Season Pass benefits, including:

– Complimentary belt wax for the lifetime of the product
– Complimentary full service tune every Autumn for the lifetime of product
– 30% off additional repair services for the lifetime of product
– Complimentary first mount for skis & snowboards



Season Eqpt believe that buying and owning hardgoods should be easy, and are creating simplified equipment that will keep you going season after season. The range is timeless, and as co-founder Austin Smith says: “I want equipment that is designed to span multiple seasons, years, decades. Let me know how we did in 2040.” 

By actively highlighting the common ground amongst all snow riders, Season are creating an authentic community that transcends gaps between skiing and snowboarding, young and old, professional and amateur. Season aim to increase the lifespan of their products through their Season Pass initiative (in partnership with Rhythm Japan), allowing your gear to perform the way it was meant to, season after season. 

Come try the products out for yourself at our Rhythm Niseko and Rhythm Hakuba stores, and purchase online at or at our stores. 


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