Custom Boot Fitting Staff

Meet our Ski Boot Fitters

Ned has carefully handpicked his team from all over the world. Many of our bootfitters are also podiatrists, giving them an intimate knowledge about the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of your feet when skiing and snowboarding. Most importantly, all of our bootfitters are passionate about their job, our industry, and helping our clients have the best possible experience.


Ned Buckley
Owner, Podiatrist, Master Boot-fitter

Ned Buckey Master Boot Fitter

Almost by chance, Ned landed his first boot fitting role in London in 2001. Having been a passionate skier all his life, Ned quickly developed a strong interest in the role, and with one thing leading to the next, he embarked on a journey that would see him fitting boots across the globe for the next 14 years.

After several years in the industry, Ned had a desire to take his boot fitting to a new level. He had a great deal of technical knowledge of ski boots and how to custom fit them for different foot types, but he yearned to fully understand the biomechanics and anatomy of the lower limb so he could offer a truly holistic boot fitting service for his clients. This led him to complete a Podiatric Medicine degree at the University of Western Australia. Ned now operates Ned Buckley Podiatry in West Perth and is currently training to be a foot and ankle surgeon. Ned is also a trainer with Masterfit University and travels to Melbourne annually to run a boot fitting course.

Ned founded Boot Solutions in 2006 and as it has grown year on year, Ned has carefully handpicked his team from all over the world. A number of our bootfitters are also podiatrists, and all our bootfitters are highly skilled and experienced. Most importantly, they are all passionate about their job, our industry, and helping our clients have the best possible experience.


Ruairidh Squair
Manager Niseko, Master Boot-fitter, Ski Instructor

Born in Scotland, and having worked in an enviable number of exotic ski locations for the past 10 years as a bootfitter and ski instructor, Ruairidh now calls Niseko home.  He joined the Boot Solutions team in 2012 and manages our Niseko store.

When asked what he loves most about being a bootfitter, Ruairidh says it’s the interactional nature of the job.
“This role affords an amazing opportunity to meet clients from all over the world. And simply talking to our clients is the most powerful and effective diagnostic tool we have.”

In recent years, Ruairidh has travelled extensively throughout Japan and is currently learning Japanese.


Josh Williams
Manager Hakuba, Master Boot-fitter

Josh was born and raised in the beautiful ski town of Telluride, Colorado and still proudly calls it home. He has lived and breathed skiing all his life and has worked 24 winter seasons in the USA, New Zealand and Japan. This year Josh is returning to Japan to Manager our Hakuba store.

In between all that bootfitting, Josh has managed to rack up a wonderful assortment of job titles: Guide, Professional freelance recreationalist, Stunt Man, President of the Telluride Air-force, Model, Taco Vender, Open Space Ranger and Carpenter.

On the job, Josh loves creating solutions to a good challenge!

“When working with people, no two are alike. Every new client gives me a new challenge.  The fruits of my efforts are made all the more sweet by the smiles and satisfaction of my clients.”
When Josh isn’t working, he’ll be sure to be out gallivanting in the wilderness, having fun doing one of his umpteen recreational activities, or staring down a mountain lion (that’s a whole other story)!


Katherine Flannagan
Podiatrist, Boot-fitter

Katherine, a qualified Podiatrist and Ski Instructor, has recently joined the Boot Solutions team.

Katherine hails from Victoria, Australia, and has worked as a ski instructor at Mount Hotham for several seasons.  Katherine is excited for the opportunity to combine her Podiatric experience, her technical ski knowledge and her deep passion for snow sports in her new Bootfitting role.

“Throughout my time in the ski industry, it is unfortunately very common to hear clients complaining about poor fitting ski boots. I am looking forward to changing this.”
Katherine is an avid traveller and although she has many favourite travel destinations, the Swiss Alps currently tops the list.


Tom Duong
Podiatrist, Bootfitter

Tom has been practising as a Podiatrist in Perth for the past four years and has a special interest in sports and biomechanics.

He joins the Boot Solutions team this season to learn the art of Bootfitting.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to combine my podiatry knowledge with my new position as a boot fitter.”

Tom loves travelling and has visited many parts of the world.  His favourite destination to date is Machu Picchu in Peru and he plans to return to South America to explore Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Brazil.



Dylan Proudfoot
Master Bootfitter (Hakuba)

After boot fitting in Telluride, Colorado for the past 7 years, West Virginia-born Dylan joins our Hakuba team this season.

When asked what he is most passionate about as a boot fitter, Dylan puts it very simply: “I get excited when your feet hurt and then they don’t.”

An adventurer at heart, when Dylan’s not working or skiing, you’lllikely find him rock climbing or mountain biking with friends. Or drinking a coffee.

And when asked what’s on top of his bucket list? “To ski like Josh Williams (our Hakuba Manager) No doubt Josh will love that answer.


Kate Sneyd
Prosthetist/Orthotist, Ski Instructor, Bootfitter (Hakuba)

Kate is a qualified ski Instructor and a qualified Prosthetist and Orthotist and returns to Japan in 2015 for her second season with our team.

Kate enjoys finding solutions for challenging foot pathologies and seeing the smile on clients’ faces when they’re skiing pain free.

“Bootfitting enables me to combine two things I love, skiing and orthotics, while helping my clients enjoy their time on the snow as much as possible.”

Kate is passionate about travel (a common theme within our team!) and begins planning her next adventure as soon as she jumps off the plane from her last.



Brad Marshall
Bootfitter (Niseko)

London-born Brad entered the ski industry in 2008 as a ski instructor in Switzerland. He then moved into bootfitting in 2011, and has since been honing his skills in England, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Brad loves to be able to completely change people’s outlook on skiing with the help of a well-fitting ski boot.

“Having customers coming back after their first day in their new boots and saying it was the best day they’ve ever had is why I continue to boot fit.”

When Brad’s not doing park laps on the mountain, you’ll probably find him with his nose buried in a book.

Brad’s ultimate adventure would be spending a whole Winter road tripping through European ski resorts, and would love to one day call Wanaka in New Zealand home.



Matthew Robinson
Bootfitter (Niseko)

Matthew joins the Niseko team this season after boot fitting in Australia and UK for the last two years.

After spending much of his childhood skiing in the French Alps, Matthew developed a love of the sport from a very early age. This led him to pursue a career in the ski industry, beginning as a ski instructor at 16 and then moving into boot fitting in 2013.

“I love working with customers to relieve their pain in ski boots and show them that ski boots don’t have to be uncomfortable.”

With a Sports Technology degree also under his belt, Matthew has completed a thesis on the effects of orthotics in golf shoes as well as a comprehensive study for Adidas to assess the best performing sport shoe upper support. He has a particular interest in the biomechanics of ski technique and has ambitions to one day be involved in the design and engineering of skis, snowboards and boots.



Rob Gannon
Bootfitter (Niseko)

Rob joins the Niseko team in 2015 for his first Japanese ski season.

After gaining experience in the UK, Rob says he loves being able to put his knowledge of boot fitting to good use.

“Often what seems to be a complex problem can actually have a simple and effective solution.”

And when he’s not finding a solution for someone’s boot issues, or studying for an Economics exam, Rob likes to cycle, play guitar and discuss his thoughts on philosophy, politics and music.



Phillip Gourkov
Bootfitter (Niseko)

Phillip, a Podiatry student from Melbourne, joins our Niseko team this season to learn the art of boot fitting.

Through his podiatric studies, Phillip has developed a strong interest in biomechanics and wishes to apply his knowledge in this area in his boot fitting role.

Beyond his passion for skiing, Phillip enjoys calisthenics/recreational gymnastics and likes to dabble in stand-up comedy. So if you’re lucky, he might share a few gags with you while he’s working his magic on your boots.

“ I love to interact with people and hear their stories whilst reciprocating with excellent customer service. There is a lot that can be learnt from being open with a customer and making them feel comfortable.”



David Michael
Bootfitter (Niseko)

David, also a Podiatry student in Melbourne, has come to Niseko for his first season in Japan.

Born in Egypt, and raised in Melbourne, David says he loves making people happy and giving great customer service.

“When a customer is happy with the product and can see efficacy immediately, then that gives me a nice feeling.”

David is a self-confessed foodie and will no doubt be happy to share with you his favourite new eateries in Niseko.

Oh, and he’s often been told he looks like Carlton Banks (from Fresh Prince of Bel Air). We’ll let you decide.



Frazer Gibson
Retail Assistant

Hailing from the outskirts of London, Frazer has joined our team this year as a retail assistant.

Frazer loves being able to make a connection with a customer, and you both walk away wearing a smile.

Frazer’s favourite part of the world is the southern parts of Switzerland in the alps surrounding Geneva.

Frazer is happiest when he’s outside and is up for any adventure that involves the outdoors, including biking and running in the hills.



Reilly McGlashan
Ski Instructor/Trainer (Niseko)

Hailing from country NSW, Reilly is a professional ski instructor/trainer examiner and is a member of the Australian Interski Team for the APSI. After instructing all over the globe for 24 back-to-back ski seasons, Reilly joins the Boot Solutions Niseko team this year to run our new Biomechanics Alignment and on-snow evaluation Program.

Reilly is passionate about sharing the mountain and snow experience, together with the technical aspects of skiing.

“I’m excited that this unique program will enable me to combine my knowledge of boot biomechanics and ski technique to give Boot Solutions clients a new level of comfort and performance.

On the rare occasion Reilly is not out on the mountain, you’ll likely find him playing his guitar or producing music.