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Volkl M5 Mantra Ski

The M5 Mantra is back for another round after its stellar debut last season. Quickly gaining a reputation as a more accessible version of the Mantra, this ski will turn anybody into a freeride hero. With Volkl’s fresh Titanal Frame construction this ski sheds weight where it isn’t needed and concentrates power into only the most important spots on the ski, resulting in a stable, smooth ride quality that boosts grip in variable conditions and handles high speeds with ease. Carbon Tips help to reduce swing weight in the extremities of the ski and therefore enhance agility and mobility in tight lines without negatively affecting the high-speed carving performance. Let’s not forget the 96mm waist and tip and tail rocker which work in tandem to produce exceptional off-piste performance and float. This ski perfectly encapsulates the ideals of modern ski design making it a great candidate for the elusive ‘one-ski-quiver’.