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Niseko / Hokkaido

Hakuba / Honshu

NSW Snowy Mountains

Armada ARV JJ 116

The all new poplar/ash core ramps up the performance of the iconic JJ, with increased response and stability. The tip and tail have also been stiffened providing extra confidence in more trying conditions. As always the pronounced tip and tail rocker provides exceptional float and a loose, surfy feel in deep snow. Three dimensional bevelling on the tip and tail (known as Smear Tech) gives the ski a more playful character in deep pow, enabling quick, easy pivots and smears in the deepest conditions. The AR75 Sidewall increases stability underfoot while retaining a lightweight feel at the extremities of the ski, furthering its freestyle capabilities and making this yet again one of the most popular freeride powder skis on the market.


Sizes: 163, 170, 177