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Capita Warpspeed

The Warpspeed integrates key shaping attributes from some of our most iconic series into a dedicated wide model. Built for the big guy that rides in a big way, these decks have a progressive sidecut and alpine camber profile that charges hard in a wide array of conditions. The construction has been enhanced for 2018 with a new FSC® Certified Panda Core™, refined Forged Carbon Tips, and new Amplitex™ V-Tech Amplifiers that balance the power of carbon with the dampness of flax. Our custom carbon formulated Hyperdrive™ NC12 base features a new factory-direct Moonshot Pro-Tune™ race base structure, supercharging an already fast and powerful board that carves hard, floats in powder, and is ready to manhandle any terrain.

Sizes: 165, 169