evo is an outdoor company whose purpose is to make life better by building community and igniting the adventurous spirit that lives within us all. evo is focused on providing unique experiences across its network of stores, evo.com, two All Together Skateparks, lodging and travel businesses, which are centered on sport, culture, the outdoors, and human connection.
evo uses its success in these areas to support non-profit organizations dedicated to getting underserved kids outdoors.
There are 9 stores in the U.S. and Canada. In January 2022 Rhythm Japan, the leading retail, rental, and experience company located in Japan’s mountain resorts became part of evo.
In partnership with a group of complementary businesses, evo just opened a 100,000 square foot campus in Salt Lake City, Utah. Campus Salt Lake includes an evo store, All Together Skatepark, Salt Lake Bouldering Project, Level 9 Sports, and evo’s first evo Hotel.
evo now offers lodging at The Journeyman Lodge in Whistler, and evo Hotel in Salt Lake as well evo also runs an indoor skatepark, called All Together Skatepark, in Salt Lake and Seattle.



evo offers a wide range of ski, snowboard, wakeboard, skate, surf camping, and outdoors accessories and clothing. As a leading North American online retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel evo has hundreds of brands to choose from.


Because everyone’s feet are unique, it’s rare to find perfect-fitting ski or snowboard boots right off the shelf. When you choose evoFit, their experts will assess your feet and help you select the best boots, socks and footbeds for your needs. Then they’ll make adjustments to fine-tune the fit. These adjustments range from heat molding liners and shells, to grinding out any areas that are cramping your style. evoFit’s a pretty sweet deal, and it’ll help make your time on the mountain more comfortable.


Do you want to get out there and enjoy the mountain without having to buy a bunch of new gear? Check out evoRentals, the industry-leading ski and snowboard rental experience. evo have something for every adventure, whether on the skin track or at the resort.
Wondering how you can get your hands on these? To learn more about how you can rent with evo, drop in or reserve online.



evo offers a full range of bike shop services to help you keep your ride in top condition year-round. Consider evo your local bike shop in the area. evo’s friendly, professional bike mechanics know their stuff and they love talking bikes. They’re always happy to discuss the best service options for your needs. Plus, evo is all about getting the work done fast so you can spend as much time in the saddle as possible. Drop in before you roll out!



Featuring Skatelite surfaces, our 6,900 sq. ft. park includes ledges, manual pads, quarter pipes, banks, stairs, rails, a vert wall and more. ATS Seattle was built by the renowned design and construction company, Grindline Skateparks, Inc.





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