6 Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season in Japan

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If you’re a powder hound, you might think winter is the best season in Japan. After all, the north island is renowned for some of the best powder snow in the world! And we can totally vouch for that..  However, Autumn is a close contender.. Here are 6 reasons why:  1. Experience the colourful leaves 紅葉, kōyō of fall As […]

Summer in Niseko | Activities and Hidden Treasures

Each year tourists travel from all over Japan to Hokkaido to experience the unique experiences that this island has to offer, and Niseko is no exception. There are loads of interesting things to see and fun things to do nearby, here are a few of our summer in Niseko highlights. Explore The Area by Bike […]

Pack your bags for spring touring

Ski Touring . . . what’s the big deal anyway!? It looks tiring . . . the snow might not be that good . . . the gear can seem expensive . . . .and there are so many pieces of equipment needed that I don’t know where to start! Today we’ll help you pack […]

New Energy at Rhythm Niseko

Surrounded by beautiful nature, I feel blessed to call this place home. However as we experience less and less snow each year, I worry as a mum as I want to pass on the feelings of winter to my child. When I ask myself, what can I do? An immediate answer was to change our […]

Seven Reasons to Rent with Rhythm Japan

WE’RE HERE FOR THE SAME REASON YOU ARE At Rhythm we’re a collection of skiers and snowboarders who all have one thing in common – we love to smash pow. We aim to share with you what it’s like to live and ride in the places we call home, and we do this by providing […]

Niseko United Resorts set to open today!

Today (December 5th) the Niseko United Resort opened up again for another snow filled winter! The chairlifts are now open and ready for all local skiers and boarders who are ready to ride. LOCAL STOKE Niseko: A reduced numbers of humans in town this winter shouldn’t be confused with low stoke levels, as the locals […]

Holiday Gifts Ideas

What does a shredder want for Christmas? The answer likely goes something like “open borders, flights to Japow and some serious big snow equipment”. Read below to see what our staff members are hoping to see under their christmas tree! SEASON EQPT FORMA SNOWBOARD I am really excited about this brand new company created by […]

Japow Season Outlook 2020/2021


It goes without saying the COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works for the 2020/2021 season, so it’s time to break down the good and bad of the upcoming winter. Travel Status for International Tourists Things are not looking good for those currently outside of Japans borders, as at this stage there is no […]

In Niseko, The Spirit of the Mountains is Waiting for you.

YAMA NO KIKON (the spirit of the mountains): The unique vibrance that permeates Niseko, is embodied in its people, and is responsible for making Niseko Japan’s most internationally loved resort. According to Acme Wu,  Niseko Tourism Marketing Director… “The Spirit of the Mountain explains why so many people from all over the world have gravitated […]

Dreaming of Skiing in Niseko? So are we!

We never stop dreaming about winter! Here are five things we’re looking forward to about skiing in Niseko once the temperatures drop and that famous snow starts to fall… SKIING NISEKO’S FAMOUS POWDER It goes without saying that this would be on the top of our list! Niseko receives, on average, 14 meters of snow […]

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