In Niseko, The Spirit of the Mountains is Waiting for you.

YAMA NO KIKON (the spirit of the mountains): The unique vibrance that permeates Niseko, is embodied in its people, and is responsible for making Niseko Japan’s most internationally loved resort.

According to Acme Wu,  Niseko Tourism Marketing Director…

“The Spirit of the Mountain explains why so many people from all over the world have gravitated to and fallen in love with Niseko,” Ms Wu said. “It’s something that everyone shares; it’s the reason people come to visit and it’s the reason people choose to live here. We want visitors from all over Japan – and eventually all over the world – to come to Niseko and feel the Spirit of the Mountain for themselves”.

Picture by Klaus Listl – Freezing Motions


Niseko’s winter started winding down back in March, about a month earlier than usual, as COVID-19 concerns impacted international travel. The resort saw very few cases of the virus, and following a light lockdown over April and May, the island of Hokkaido is fundamentally back to business as usual.


Domestic tourists are expected to visit over the popular summer period to experience the cooler northern temperatures, famous fresh produce, and outdoor activities, while international tourism will be limited due to border restrictions.


Looking ahead to the world-famous winter season, the resort will be operational and open to any countries that are able to travel, and Niseko’s residents and businesses will be ready to welcome visitors back.

Images and copy thanks to Niseko Tourism

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