Terms and Conditions


The following outlines Rhythm Snow Sports (owned and operated by Beats Snow Sports Pty Ltd.) Terms & Conditions for its Rental Service, and for the purchase of retail goods.

The Rental Service and Retail Purchases Terms & Conditions includes the following:

Rental Service Terms & Conditions:

  1. Loss and Damage policy
  2. Refund, Amendment and Cancellation Policy
  3. Personal liability and injury
  4. Children Classification
  5. Equipment Exchange (Swap Policy)
  6. Arrival and Rental Pick-up

Retail Terms & Conditions:

  1. Faulty Goods Refund Policy
  2. Change of Mind Policy


1. Loss and Damage Policy

1.1.  There is insurance already built into the price of the rental. This covers repairable damage, which includes:

1.1.1.     Base Work and P-Tex

1.1.2.     Tunes and edge sharpening

1.1.3.     Base patches

1.1.4.     Core shots

1.1.5      De-lamination

1.16      Cracked top sheet

1.17       Snapped board or ski

1.2.  If there is extensive damage from misuse of equipment, but can be fixed, the minimum cost of a full tune is charged.

1.3.  If equipment is damaged beyond repair or lost/stolen, the payable insurance excess is 14-days rental for that particular item.

1.4.  Examples of non-repairable damage includes:

1.4.1.     Excessive damage from misuse of equipment, such as skiing down roads.

1.5.  If the non-repairable damage is deemed a product fault which can be claimed by Rhythm as a warranty from the supplier, no charge will be required from the customer.

1.6.  Normal wear and tear on all rental equipment will not incur a charge.

2. Refund, Amendment and Cancellation Policy

2.1.   A refund can be provided for early rental returns for booking and hire made direct to Rhythm Snow Sports Japan.

2.2   Bookings through third party providers will not be eligible for an early return refund, however please contact them directly to see if a refund can be given.

2.2.  All cancellations or amendments must be made at least 48 hours before the pick up date.

2.3.  All Internet bookings must be made no later than 2 days prior to the pick up date to guarantee availability.

3.  Personal Liability and Injury

All customers must agree to the following personal liability and injury policy when renting equipment from Rhythm Japan. Customers renting equipment are referred to ‘The Hirer’ for the purposes of this policy:

3.1.  The Hirer (customer) understands the information contained therein and warrants, agrees and accepts the information provided by him or her is true and correct.

3.2 The Hirer also understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard boot-binding system of any ski or snowboard equipment has been adjusted and set based on the information provided by the hirer.

3.3.  The Hirer further understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard-binding system equipment will not release at all times or under all conditions or in all circumstances and that Rhythm Snow sports, its employees, affiliates or agents cannot and will not guarantee or indemnify the safety of the Hirer or any third (3rd) party. All snow sports (skiing, snowboarding, touring, tobogganing) carry the risk of injury and damage to property and that risk is reduced but not eliminated by correct bindings, the use of wrist guards and an approved helmet.

3.4.  The Hirer understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that there are inherent risks of injury involved in using the equipment hired and where such injury arises the Hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified Rhythm Snow Sports, its employees, affiliates and agents from all actions, suits, claims for damage and demands for personal injury, loss or damage sustained by the Hirer or any person named in these terms and conditions or any third (3rd) party.

3.5.  The Hirer confirms, understands, acknowledges and accepts that in the event where personal injury, loss or damage to either the Hirer or any third (3rd) party arises out of the use of such equipment, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to make good such personal injury, loss or damage.

3.6.  The Hirer agrees that any outstanding money owing that has not been settled before the Hirer returns the equipment can later be charged to the Hirer’s credit card at Rhythm’s discretion.

4. Children classification

4.1.  Children’s prices are determined by age.

4.2.  Children aged 13 years and under are considered “children” or “kids” for the purpose of renting equipment.

5. Equipment exchange (Swap Policy)

5.1.  We encourage all customers to swap equipment when renting our Premium packages. This means you can change your skis or board to suit the snow conditions.

5.2.  We also provide a FREE waxing service for our Premium gear as the snow temperature changes dramatically in Japan, which means we have to change wax compound to suit.

5.3.  Swapping from skis to snowboards and vice versa is FREE when renting a Premium package, however we cannot hold the gear you are swapping from so keep in mind it might not be available when you wish to swap back.

5.4.  Standard gear is perfect for beginners but can limit progression due to the shape of the ski or board. We recommend using Premium gear so our expert staff can pick the perfect ski or board to help you improve.

6. Arrival and Rental Pick-up

6.1.  Be ready to hit the slopes early for your first day of riding! You can pick up your rental equipment the afternoon / evening after 4pm the day before your rental period starts. You can hold onto the equipment up until 10am the day after your rental period expires.

6.2.  We provide a FREE pick up and drop off service from your accommodation on request in our 8 seater vans. Simply contact us 20 – 30 minutes  prior to your desired pick up time so we can arrange a driver.


7. Faulty Goods Refund Policy

7.1.  You are entitled to a full refund or store credit for items you purchase from Rhythm Snow Sports Japan if:

7.1.1.   The product is faulty or unsafe and the fault or defect was not pointed out to you before you purchased it or would not have been apparent to you when you inspected the goods before purchase; and

7.1.2.   you return the item within 14 days after purchase; and

7.1.3.   You have a proof of purchase, such as your receipt.

7.2.  You can not return the item if it has been worn or used and tags and labels have been removed and original packaging has been disposed of.

7.3.  Any warranties or repairs on goods which have been purchased at a Rhythm Snow Sports store or Beats outlet may take up to 30 days to process. Rhythm Snow Sports must refer to the manufacturer to determine the course of action to be followed and will act as a liaison between the customer and manufacturer.

7.4.  As an alternative to a refund, Rhythm Snow Sports is also happy to provide you with store credit or exchange of item to the equivalent value to the item.

7.5.  Sale items are included in this ‘Faculty Goods Refund Policy’.

8. Change of Mind Policy

8.1.  If you simply change your mind we do offer a refund or exchange of value equivalent to the purchase price for most items provided that:

8.1.1.     you return the item within 7 days from the date of purchase; and

8.1.2.     the item is unworn, unused and in its original condition; and

8.1.3.     all original labels and tags are attached to the item or it is in its original packaging; and

8.1.4.     you provide a Rhythm Snow Sports Japan register receipt as proof of purchase

8.1.5.     Sale items are included in this ‘Change of Mind Policy’.

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