Rhythm Tunes Workshop

Rhythm Tunes Workshop

Rhythm Tunes Workshop is a dedicated tuning and repair service offered at both Rhythm Niseko, and Rhythm Hakuba.

About our tuning and repair service

Offer a full range of tuning, mounting and repair services, Rhythm Tunes Workshop’s highly trained technicians work with the latest Wintersteiger machinery, offering top-notch stone base grinding, ceramic disc edge finishing, hot waxing and general repair work for both skis and snowboards. Bring in your skis and snowboards for some love before you hit the mountain.

Tuning and Repairs at Rhythm Japan








If you’re just after a quick wax or would like to treat your gear to a full service, bring your gear down to us at the Rhythm Workshop and we’ll give it the love that it deserves. Most tunes can be completed overnight to ensure you don’t miss any turns!

Rhythm Workshop Prices

¥1,500 Hot Wax

We hot wax with quality hot wax for the right snow temperature to get you moving on the snow again, upgrade to a Performance Wax and Structure or Full Service to get the best from you ski’s or board.

¥2,500 Performance Wax

We wax your base with our ultra special Fluro brew, made especially for Niseko and Hakuba conditions, guaranteed to make you slide faster.

¥3,000 Edge and Wax

We use our Wintersteiger ceramic edging machine to restore a near factory finish to your ski’s or board and finish off with a hot wax included with a full service or combine with a Base Structure and Performance wax.

¥7,000 Full Service

We do everything needed from above to get the best from your ski’s and board. We start with a minor P-TEX work and a base grind to restore your base, then we use our ceramic edging machine and hand finish to make your edges the best they can be. We end by applying a base structure and our special performance wax.

¥4,000 Bindings Mount

We have a wide range of mounting devices available, please talk to our Ski Technicians regarding a binding mount. *Price may vary depending on the binding.

¥1,500 Base Structure

Base Structure is a pattern we apply to your base to improve the way you ski’s and board slide across the snow. We will apply the right structure for the conditions, included with full service or combine with a performance wax for the ultimate in sliding goodness.

¥1,000 Base Grind

Just like it sounds we can pass your ski’s or board over the grinder to restore the base. We recommend it as part of an Edge and Wax to give you a better edge finish. Included as part of the Full Service.

P-TEX and Repair

Please ask for quote. Damaged your ski’s or board? Don’t stress, we can probably fix it. Bring it in for our Ski Technicians to check out.

*Prices may vary depending on bindings.

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