About Hakuba

Situated in the Northern Japan Alps, Hakuba stands out as one of Japan’s top winter resort areas, offering some of the best winter sports action in Japan.

The host of the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Hakuba comprises nine ski resorts stretched across a broad valley, and provides more terrain, vertical rise and advanced ski and snowboard slopes than anywhere in Japan. Abundant snow falls and excellent powder conditions make Hakuba a perennial top choice of skiers and snowboarders from around the world.

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Location of Hakuba

Hakuba is located in the Nagano Prefecture, in the Chubu district of Japan. The most popular method and the most exciting is taking the bullet train or Shinkansen as they are named in Japan. Speeding along at 240kmph passing through rural Japan and watching the peaks of the mountains getting closer and closer. There are also regular bus services from Tokyo airport direct to Hakuba, which is the most convienient form of transportation to the resort.

Village and trail maps for Hakuba

View maps of Hakuba’s resorts:

Rhythm Hakuba

Rhythm Hakuba store is located at the old Wadano Visitors Centre, across the road from the Mominoki Hotel. Find out more about Rhythm Hakuba.

Video of Hakuba

Check out this video of Hakuba from 2013!

Lift operating hours

The general lift operating hours are from 8:30am to 8:30pm.

What gear to use

With an annual snow fall of over 11 meters, Hakuba can get pretty chilly, so it is essential to wear layers and warm waterproof clothing. Luckily, Rhythm Hakuba stocks a large range of ski hire and snowboard rental as well as retail gear, such as outerwear, skis, snowboards, plus lots more!

As for what skis or snowboard to use on the hill? This totally depends on what experience you’re after! We have a huge range of ski hire and snowboard hire to suit all abilities, and all conditions in Hakuba- you can glide through the lush powder or do some wide carve turns on the groomers.

Cultural activities

There are plenty of cultural activities to soak up while you visit Hakuba. Be sure to visit the local temples and historic sites such as Masumoto Castle, Zenkoji Temple and you cant forget to visit the cheeky snow monkeys.

The Snow Monkeys park is located in Hells Valley. In winter the valley is covered with a blanket of snow and the temperature drops, it gets so cold that the monkeys will sit in the hot springs to keep toasy warm. The park is home to about 200 of these cheeky monkeys.

Matsumoto Castle (Matsumoto-jo) is one of four castles designated as National Treasure of Japan. Matsumoto Castle is sometimes called “Crow Castle” due to its black roof. Inside the castle are step stairs and low ceilings leading past displays of armor and weapons from the Sengoku period (“Warring-States”) when the castle was built.

Nagano’s Zenkoji Temple in is one of the most important and popular temples in Japan. It was founded in the 7th century and stores the first Buddhist statue ever to be brought into Japan when Buddhism was first introduced in the 6th century. The original statue is hidden while a copy of it is shown to the public every six years for a few weeks. The next opportunity will be in 2015.

Accommodation and restaurants

Hakuba is home to a large range of accommodation options and restaurants. Find out more about Hakuba accommodation, and restaurants in Hakuba.

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