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Japan gets really cold! You will need a warm pair of gloves or mittens to ensure your hands stay dry and warm at all times. There’s nothing worse than having cold hands when you’re on the hill.

That’s why we stock a huge range of ski gloves and snowboarding gloves to suit every customer. Our gloves range from fingered to mittens, and from leather to down. We specialise in warmth and quality because we know what it takes to stand up to the harsh winter weather in Niseko and Hakuba. So if you’re really suffering out there, come and see us and we’ll make sure your fingers are toasty warm. We also have those magical little hand warmers!

Glove styles

There are many different styles of gloves.  The most common are traditional gloves with a synthetic outer shell and warm lining. This style of glove is the best for most skiing conditions.  There are also leather gloves which are very durable and warm but tend not to be very waterproof unless treated with a chemical treatment for extra waterproofing abilities.

Glove features

Many ski gloves come with extra features for your convenience and comfort.  Some gloves have pockets for disposable hand warmers that you can take out when the weather calls for it. Grips are included on ski gloves for durability and a better grip on your poles. Another great feature that is available on some gloves and mittens is a wrist loop attached to the cuff so you can let your gloves dangle without losing them in the deep Niseko powder.


An alternative to wearing gloves is a quality pair of mittens.  Mittens will provide more warmth because your fingers will share one compartment inside the mitten and can generate more heat that way, as opposed to being separated like in a glove. Mittens are a good choice for the cold temperatures in Niseko and Hakuba, or if you easily get cold hands.

Glove Liners

Glove liners are made to provide extra warmth and they fit snug inside of your ski gloves as an extra layer of protection. One good thing about layering with liner gloves is that you can buy an exterior shell glove, and then switch up your liners depending on the weather conditions.

Retail products can only be purchased in store. Prices start from ¥1,700.


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