Niseko and Hakuba are notorious for providing some of the deepest powder around… which is great unless your ski or snowboard jacket doesn’t have a powder skirt or a good water/wind proof rating. Our large variety of children and adult outerwear are perfectly suited to the bone chilling conditions of Japan.

Our outerwear range

Our huge range of outwear includes; ski jackets, ski pants, snowboard jackets, and snowboard pants. You want a jacket that not only looks great but also keeps you warm – and our range definitely caters for this! Our outerwear suits all types of snow conditions, and includes; basic shell jackets to fully insulated jackets. If you are easily susceptible to the colder temperature then we would recommend you check out our  insulated range, or even our super warm down jackets.

Shell or Insulated?

The difference between a jacket and a shell lies in the insulation they offer, i.e. jacket offers more insulation than a shell does.

Shell Jacket

These days your typical snowsports shell is often non-insulated (or very lightly insulated). The shell’s main function is to repel water and wind while remaining breathable. Without breathability, sweat builds up and your clothing loses its insulating ability. The idea of the shell jacket is to keep you dry and windproof so it must be used with other breathable clothing layers. Layer with a good Base Layer and then Mid Layer for when the temps drop.

Insulated or Down Jacket

These styles of jackets are ideal for those who feel the cold on the slopes, or want to use the jacket for other outdoor activities as well. The insulation varies:

  • Down jackets warm you quickly and maintain the heat for long time. This is PERFECT for Japan, where the temps are low and the snow is DRY!.
  • Synthetic insulation replicates the warming and heating effects of down, but is less bulky and more breathable.

Selecting a New Jacket

Your outerwear jacket must be weatherproof, i.e. water/wind proof, as well as breathable and durable.


The higher the mm figure is, the more waterproof the fabric is. The following waterproof ratings are recommended for Japan.

  • 5,000 – 15,000 mm Rainproof, waterproof and windproof unless under serious pressure
  • 15,000 – 30,000 mm Waterproof and windproof even under serious pressure


Breathable jackets allow the moisture from your body perspiration to exit through the material itself. If it cannot escape, then the moisture will build up as condensation on the inside of the jacket and will cool you down quickly.

Powder Skirt

Powder skirt prevents any snow or cold air to get into the jacket. This is essential for a place like Japan with its abundance of powder snow.

Ski and Snowboard Pants


Your outerwear pants must be large enough to cover base layers comfortably. Many pants also provide extra protection and durable fabric in case of falls. Research these factors, then choose the right style and color ski pants for you.
Come and talk to our friendly staff who can assist you in your outerwear selection. Retail products can only be purchased in store.