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Mid Layer

OK so you have your base layer and outerwear sorted, but what goes in between?

The primary function of the mid layer or insulating layer is to trap and retain heat for maximum warmth. A properly designed mid-layer also transports water vapor that has wicked away from your baselayer, further keeping you dry and comfortable regardless of your activity level. A carefully selected mid-layer can also serve as an outer layer for wearing around town or when not on the mountain skiing.

Selecting the appropriate mid layer is a very important decision when choosing your layering system. Versatility and warmth are the key factors to keep in mind. From the ultra light and warm PrimaLoft or Down material to the Fleece or Merino, at Rhythm we offer a broad spectrum of mid layers to match any situation.

Fleece mid layers

This is the most common form of a mid layer. Fleece is usually made of a type of polyester type of material, known as Polyethylene Terephthanlate. The fabric is generally lighter than wool and provides good insulation even when wet, absorbing little moisture and drying quickly.

An every day fleece or jumper will keep you warm, but the fashion based, often cheaper versions, might not be so effective in the breathability area, possibly resulting in excess moisture inside the garment which can actually make you feel colder. Also, the better quality brands use better fabrics allowing more warmth with less material.

Merino mid layer (Wool)

Wool and particularly Merino Wool traditionally has several good properties: it has good insulation even when wet, absorbs moisture but does not feel wet, and it transfers, or wicks, moisture away from the body.

A long sleeved sweater made with a thin layer of merino wool can be worn in combination with a fleece to give some extra warmth. A merino middle layer provides additional insulation and continues to transport moisture away from the base layer.

Down mid layer

Down has a very good weight to warmth ratio and can be packed down and to take very little room in your luggage. On the down side it is generally a little more expensive than the other options and dries a little slower.

Synthetic Fiberfill such as Primaloft is used similar to down, but does not have as good a warmth to weight ratio. However, it is less expensive, provides good insulation even when wet, dries quickly, and absorbs very little moisture.

Feel free to talk to our knowledgeable staff about our range of mid layers. Retail products can only be purchased in store.


We stock a range of mid layers from the thick, cozy fleece to  lightweight merino wool. Talk with our qualified staff on what mid layer would suit you best! Prices start at ¥5,900. Retail products can only be purchased in store.