We stock a huge range of helmets to cater for all sizes, and with some of the best riding found in the trees of Niseko and Hakuba, we highly recommend wearing one!

At Rhythm Japan we stock helmets from brands such as ANON, GIRO, POC, Bern, and K2. When shopping for a helmet, bring along your goggles, so you can get a good fit between goggles and helmet. We stock both adult and kids helmets, and can cater for a range of budgets. Our helmets come in various styles, fits, with or without visors, venting systems and audio capabilities.

Finding the perfect Helmet

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that not all helmets fit the same.  Head shape is a factor in your helmet selection and will vary by brand of helmets. A helmet is not a piece of equipment that you want to purchase too small or too large. If a helmet doesn’t fit correctly, it may not perform to its ability in the event

A properly fitted ski or snowboard helmet will be comfortable and provide maximum protection and performance. For the perfect fitting helmet, try on a range before making your purchase decision. For kids, it is important not to purchase a helmet that is too big for their head.  A helmet that is too loose or large is not going to be safe and can do more harm in the long run. Many kids helmets have in-built adjustable technology to ensure your child doesn’t grow out of it after one season.

Please ask one of our helpful staff to assist you when shopping for a helmet. Retail products can only be purchased in store.