Base Layer

It’s important to be warm from the inside out, so we stock a large variety of thermals. We stock both adults and kids specific thermals, catering for a range of budgets, and includes brand such as Oyuki, Mons Royale, SkinsSpyder, Burton, and Armada.

These days, thermals are a lot more technical and offer warmth without the ‘over-heating’ factor. And believe it or not, they actually look pretty cool too.The primary intent of a base layer is to manage moisture (wick or transport perspiration away from your skin) while adding a degree of insulation.Base layers of any fabric come in different weights and each weight offers different advantages.

Types of base layer

For conditions in Niseko and Hakuba, we recommend between a midweight to expedition weight base layer. However, we also stock lightweight thermals for those slightly warmer days on the hill, or for cruising around the village streets.

  • Lightweight – is more conducive to moderate temperatures, and is also preferred for a high level of aerobic activity
  • Midweight – is the most versatile, and can be used for a number of outdoor sports activities.
  • Expedition weight – is preferred for frigid temperatures, when more warmth is needed.

Merino Wool Base Layers

Merino wool holds in heat while keeping out the cold, it retains its insulating properties even when wet, and it stays relatively odorless even after long wear. However traditional wool garments can be heavy and bulky, and some people have found it to be too irritating to wear against the skin. Newer lightweight wools, such as Merino wool, have all of the advantages of traditional wools without most of the disadvantages.

Advantages of Wool Underwear:

  • Natural fiber
  • Fine merino wool blends can be worn directly against the skin without irritation
  • Stays warm when wet
  • Renowned for being odorless after weeks of use

Synthetic Base Layers

Synthetic thermals are popular because they are inexpensive. What it does best is imitating natural materials in keeping users warm, but the only problem is that it traps odors, and this can make people very uncomfortable. Advantages of Synthetic Underwear:

  • Typically cheaper than a natural fiber equivalent
  • Quick drying
  • Some products are recyclable
  • Long lasting

Cotton Base Layers

Cotton thermals are not a good choice for Niseko or Hakuba, because the material does not insulate, in fact, cotton keeps the body cooler!

Feel free to talk to our knowledgeable staff about our range of base layers. Retail products can only be purchased in store.


Our range of thermals are available at our stores in Niseko and Hakuba. Prices start at ¥5,000.
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