Backcountry gear

Rhythm is proud to offer a dedicated backcountry section at both Rhythm Summit and Rhythm Hakuba, offering a large selection of the latest backcountry equipment.

If you intend to access the backcountry terrain in the Niseko or Hakuba region then you are going to need the right backcountry gear. Niseko and Hakuba offer some of the best backcounty skiing in the world, from wide open bowls to perfectly spaced trees, the area has been blessed with perfect deep powder terrain. The resorts have easy to access “side country” areas so when the inbound fresh is all used up, it’s easy to find endless fresh turns accessed by touring skis with skins or snow shoes for the boarders. We always recommend using a local guide, such as Evergreen in Hakuba, or Black Diamond Tours in Niseko, to ensure your safety and also that you get to ride the best areas.


We stock the latest and greatest in backcountry gear and accessories, from well known brands including; Marker, Salomon, Tyrolia, Black Diamond, BCA, Pieps, Dakine and G3.
Below is just a sample of backcountry gear we sell in our stores. Availability isn’t guaranteed so make sure you chat to our staff about what’s currently available.

We also stock a full range of backcountry gear to rent. View our backcountry rental gear!

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Skis & Boards

  • Skis

    Armada Magic J K2 Luv Boat (womens)
    Armada JJ K2 Fulluvit (womens)
    Armada TST K2 Remedy (womens)
    Armada Kufo DPS Wailer Pure3
    Armada TST (womens) DPS Wailer Tour1
    Armada ARW (womens) DPS Wailer Foundation
    Volkl 100Eight DPS Cassier Foundation
    Volkl Mantra DPS Yvette Pure3 (womens)
    Volkl V Werks Katana DPS Zeda Tour1 (womens)
    Volkl V Werks DPS Uschi Foundation (womens)
    Volkl One W (womens) Field Earth V7
    Rossignol Super 7 Field Earth T5
    Rossignol Soul 7 Field Earth T7
    Rossignol Super 7 (womens) Field Earth CNY7 SPC
    Rossignol Soul 7 (womens) Field Earth CNY6 SPC
    K2 Pinnacle Black Crows Nocta
    K2 Pettitor Black Crows Anima
    K2 Marksman Black Crows Atris
    K2 Coomba Black Crows Corvus
    K2 Shreditor
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  • Snowboards & Splitboards

    Jones Storm Chaser
    Jones Ultracraft
    Jones Flagship
    Jones Mountain Twin
    Jones Hovercraft
    Jones Explorer
    Jones Twin Sister (womens)
    Jones Hovercraft (womens)
    Field Earth X2
    Umlaut Artide
    Umlaut Artide Directional
    Umlaut Artide Twin
    Offshore Snurfs Up
    Offshore Cabin Fever
    Jones Solution (womens)
    Jones Hovercraft
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  • Snowboard Boots

    Deeluxe XVe
    Deeluxe Spark Summit XV
    Deeluxe Spark XV
    Deeluxe Lunar Hybrid Coiler
    Deeluxe Deelite Coiler
    Flow Talon Focus
    Flow Helios Focus
    Flow Tracer
    K2 Aspect
    K2 T1
    K2 Ashen
    K2 Estate
    K2 Mink Boa
    Ride Jackson
    Ride Triad
    Ride Hera
    Ride Sage
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  • Ski Boots

    Scarpa Freedom SL Head Challenger 130
    Scarpa Maestrale Head Challenger 110
    Scarpa T2 Eco Head Challenger 100W
    Scarpa T2 Eco W Head Raptor B3 RD
    Scarpa Gea Head Raptor 120 RS
    Dynafit TLT7 Expedition CR Head Raptor 90 RS W
    Dynafit TLT6 Mountain CR Head Vector Evo 80
    Dynafit TLT6Mountain CR W K2 Pinnacle Pro
    Dynafit Winter Guide GTX K2 Pinnacle 100
    Dynafit Neo CR W Nordica Speedmachine 120
    Salomon MTN Lab Nordica Speedmachine 100
    Salomon MTN Explore W Nordica Speedmachine 105W
    Fischer Travers Carbon Nordica Speedmachine 95W
    Tecnica ZeroG Guide Pro Nordica Speedmachine 85W
    Tecnica ZeroG Guide Nordica N-Move 120
    Tecnica ZeroGGuide W Nordica N-Move 100
    Tecnica Cochise 120 Dyn Nordica N-Move 95W
    Tecnica Cochise 100 Nordica N-Move 85W
    Tecnica Cochise 105W Dyn Nordica Dobermann GP130
    Tecnica Cochise 95W MV Nordica Dobermann GP 110W
    Nordica GPX 85W
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  • Snowshoes

    Tubbs Flex Alp 22 (womens)
    Tubbs Flex Alp 24 (mens)
    Tubbs Flex Alp XL 28
    Tubbs Flex Trk 22 (womens)
    Tubbs Flex Trk 24 (mens)
    Tubbs RDG 22 (womens)
    Tubbs RDG 24 (mens)
    Tubbs Mountaineer (womens)
    Tubbs Mountaineer (mens)
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  • Backpacks

    BCA Stash 20L Black
    BCA Stash 20L Orange
    BCA Stash 30L Black
    BCA Stash 30L Blue
    Dakine Heli Pro 2
    Dakine Heli Pro DLX 24L
    Evoc FR Guide 30L
    Evoc FR Pro 20L
    Evoc FR Day 16L
    Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32L
    Black Diamond Nitro 26L
    Black Diamond Nitro 22L
    Black Diamond Magnum 16L
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  • Bindings

    Marker Kingpin 13 Spark R And D Arc
    Marker Tour F12 Spark R And D Surge
    Marker Tour F10 Spark R And D Arc (womens)
    Marker Duke EPF 13 Flux XF Limited
    Marker Baron EPF 13 Flux John Jackson
    Dynafit Beast 16 Flux TT
    Dynafit Beast 14 Flux GX
    Dynafit TLT Radical ST 2.0 Flux GS
    Tyrolia Attack 13 Union T Rice
    Tyrolia Attack 16 Union Contact Pro
    Tyrolia Ambition 12 Union Force
    Tyrolia Adrenaline 13 Union Contact
    Tyrolia Adrenaline 16 Union Milan
    Union Juliet
    Now IPO Hi Cup (black)
    Now IPO Hi Cup (army green)
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  • Probes, Shovels & Ski Poles

    BCA Stealth 240cm BCA Bomber Shovel B1
    BCA Stealth 270cm BCA Bomber Shovel B2
    BCA Stealth 300cm BCA A2 w/ 29cm Saw
    BCA Stealth 260cm Carbon Pieps Excavator C720
    Pieps 260cm Pieps Excavator C660
    Pieps 300cm Black Diamond Evac 9
    Black Diamond Quickdraw Carbon 240 Black Diamond Transfer 3
    Black Diamond Quickdraw Tour 320 Black Diamond Lynx
    Black Diamond Quickdraw Tour 280 SKI POLES
    Black Diamond Quickdraw Tour 240 Black Diamond Telescopic Ski Pole Compactor
    Black Diamond Telescopic Ski Pole Traverse
    Black Diamond Telescopic Ski Pole Expedition 3
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  • Other Accessories

    BCA Tracker DTS Beacon BCA Snow Study Kit
    BCA Tracker 2 Beacon BCA 35cm Snow Saw
    BCA Tracker 3 Beacon BCA Thermometer
    BCA DTS Rescue Beacon Package BCA 2M Ruler
    Pieps DSP Micro Beacon BCA Field Book
    Pieps DSP Pro Beacon G3 Ski Straps
    Pieps DSP Sport Beacon G3 Alpinist Skins
    BCA Slope Meter Spark R And D Crossword Splitboard Skins
    BCA 10x Magnifier Black Diamond Glidelight Mohair Skins
    BCA Alu Crystal Card Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
    Black Diamond Ikon Headlamp
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Feel free to talk to our knowledgeable staff about our backcountry range. Retail products can only be purchased in store.

Find out more about backcountry riding

avalanche safety gear checklist

Backcountry check list

It’s always possible for even the most knowledgeable and cautious backcountry skiers to get caught in an avalanche. For this reason, all backcountry skiers should always carry avalanche safety gear. This includes:

  • avalanche beacon/transceiver
  • avalanche shovel
  • probe
  • backpack
  • backcountry skiing partner who also has rescue gear and training. Skiing alone in the backcountry is never a good idea
  • A phone or two way radio
  • First aid kit

Please note that while carrying this equipment is one of the most basic requirements for safe backcountry travel, it is useless without knowledge of how to use it. Even more importantly it is critical that you have the experience and skill to travel safely in avalanche terrain on your own before venturing into the backcountry. Rhythm Snowsports accepts no responsibility for decisions you may make or situations / incidents that may occur in the backcountry while traveling with gear you have purchased from us. If you are unfamiliar with this equipment or uncomfortable accepting these risks on your own, please contact one of the local guides such as Evergreen in Hakuba, or Black Diamond Tours in Niseko

Niseko Rules

Before heading out into the Niseko Side or Backcountry make sure you are familiar with the local Niseko Rules and make sure to keep up to date with current Avalanche conditions.


The Niseko Rules are the area’s official regulations created for the safety and freedom of every skier and snowboarder riding inside or outside the ski resort boundaries. The rules were established by the Niseko Annupuri Avalanche Prevention Committee, the Niseko Mountain Resort Safety Committee, the Niseko Free Passport Committee and the Hokkaido Shiribeshi Alpine Accident Prevention Committee.

In addition to efforts by locals to encourage skiers and boarders not to duck ropes, the rules also allow backcountry access via a system of gates, but prohibit access on days of heightened avalanche danger.

The Niseko Backcountry is a very special place, but it is an unpatrolled and wild area of massive snowfalls, and there is certainly a heightened danger compared to front of the mountain. Skilled, experienced local guides are available so a guided tour is strongly recommended for anyone unfamiliar with the local terrain and conditions.


Hakuba Rules

Hakuba rules

For more information on Hakuba’s resort rules, visit the Hakuba Local Rules page.