Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If we haven’t answered your query here, please feel free to contact us.


Q1. When can I pick up my rentals?

Equipment can be picked up free of charge after 4pm the night before the rental starts and can be kept until 10am the day after the rental period finishes.

Q2. Do you rent goggles and gloves?

Due to hygiene reasons we don’t rent these items. However we have a great range of low cost gloves and goggles in our retail range.

Q3. What happens if I lose my skis/board on the mountain?

There is a replacement charge, however if the equipment is returned to us in its original state we will refund the money. In the meantime we will fit you out with a new set of skis/board so you can continue your holiday.

Q4. Where is Rhythm located?

Rhythm Niseko is located in the centre of Hirafu village 50m above the town’s only traffic lights. An easy walking distance from the family lift. Rhythm Hakuba is located at the old Wadano Visitors Centre. Next to Mominoki Hotel. Beats Niseko is located right near the traffic lights on the main street in Hirafu Village.

Q5. How will I get my equipment back to our accommodation?

We provide a free pick up and drop off service, so once you have been fitted out with your rentals, we can drive you back to your accommodation. Find out more about our pick up service.

Q6. Are helmets included in the package?

Helmets, wrist guards, après boots, jackets and pants are all additional items and need to be booked separately.

Q7. Do the jacket and pants come as a set?

No. These are rented and booked as separate items.

Q8. What are the sizing requirements for pre-booking and do I need to provide these?

There is no requirement to supply this information prior the customer’s arrival, however the more details we receive, the quicker the process is for the customer!

Q9. Can I get my equipment delivered to me?

Although we may have all your sizing details, it is still important that the renter gets fitted in the store to ensure the customer gets the right gear specific to them.

Q10. Can I change my boots if they don’t fit?

Absolutely! Regardless of the package rented, it is important that the boots fit well. If you have trouble with your boots, come into the store and we can change them for a better fit!

Q11. Is there insurance on the rentals and what does that mean?

There is insurance already built into the price of the rental. This covers repairable damage, which includes:

– Base Work and P-Tex
– Tunes and edge sharpening
– Base patches
– Core shots

If there is extensive damage, but can be fixed, the minimum cost of a full tune is charged.

If equipment is damaged beyond repair the payable insurance excess is the 14-day rental price for that item.

Non-repairable damage includes:

– Snapped board or ski
– Cracked top sheet
– Excessive base damage
– De-lamination
– Lost or stolen item

View our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Q12. Is there a rental, lift pass and lesson package?

Lift passes and lessons need to be booked independently as Rhythm provides rentals only.

Q13. Can I take my equipment to another resort?

Yes you can pick up your gear from our store in Niseko and Hakuba then take them to other resorts around within Japan. Find out more about our multi-resort rental.

Q14. Can I store my equipment at the shop?

Yes! If you’re renting our premium range in Niseko, you can store your equipment at the shop. For Hakuba, we offer storage for both our premium and standard range. More about equipment storage.

Q15. What is the difference between Standard and Premium?

STANDARD is a rental specific Ski/board, which is designed for first timers and the budget conscious. The equipment is an easy to use entry- level ski or board. We fit you with the ski/board and you stick with that item for the duration of your rental period.

PREMIUM is a retail specific ski/board, which is designed to cater to all ability levels, whether your a first timer or seasoned expert. The range features the latest equipment from the best brands. The equipment can also be swapped to suit the snow conditions or the type of riding you wish to do ie. groomers, powder, park or all mountain.

Q16. Can I book a Standard package and then upgrade?

Yes. The price difference is determined by the amount of time used compared to the amount of time remaining.

Q17. Can I swap from a Standard Ski to a Standard Board?

No. This is only available on the Premium package.

Q18. What sizes do ski and snowboard boots come in?

Ski Boots start at a size 15.5cm and then go up to a size 33.5cm

Snowboard Boots start at a size US2 (kids) and go up to a size US16

Q19. Can I book a specific ski or board?

No. We are unable to hold specific boards or skis as another customer may have the product out at the time of your arrival. When you pick up your rentals we can check our system and see when the product is expected back and contact you if it arrives earlier.

Q20. Can I pre-book backcountry gear?

No. We do not pre book these as most of the time our customers rent on a day by day basis and it is difficult for us to hold stock in advance due to this reason.

Q21. Can I get my rentals delivered to me without coming into the store?

No. Although we may have all your sizing details, it is important that each renter gets fitted in the store to ensure you receive the correct fitting gear.


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